How It Works


Have spare stuff lying around your home or office? Stuff that neither you need, nor you use? Want to make money without any investment just by renting that stuff? Well, welcome to Just4Rent! It works in three simple steps –

  • 1. Post an advertisement of stuff you want to rent – it can be anything! Just post it with a good quality picture detailing, so that the customer can easily know about it.
  • 2. Rent out your item – Receive the deposit amount, and fix the rent of your item!
  • 3. Make money – Earn easy money from the rent you charge.


Want something expensive, but don’t have money? Want it only for a limited time period? Want to fulfil your needs, by simply renting something? You have reached a right place! Just4Rent works for renters, as well as it works for owners! You can rent anything, just in three simple steps –

  • 1. Browse the item you need – You can browse the item you desire from thousands of options available on our portal.
  • 2. Rent the item – Fix a place and time to collect the item you need, pay the deposit amount and get your item on rent, for as many days as you need!
  • 3. Save heaps of money – Instead of buying expensive stuff, you can rent it for the time you want, fulfil your purpose, and save money!

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