Just4Rent – Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work for owners of the items?

It’s utterly simple and take no more than sixty-seconds to get your product online! Register yourself on our website, post an advertisement of the product or service that you wish to rent, our team will verify if the product or service is genuine, and your ad will be live in no time! Then you can enjoy renting out stuff and start making money.

Can I buy or sell any item on just4rent?

No, unfortunately just4rent is a dedicated portal only for renting products and services and not for selling or buying any items. Why buy things on exorbitant prices, when you can rent them to suit your requirement and purpose?

Why should I rent anything?

Buying things can be expensive and a wastage of money if you need them only for a limited period of time! Why not rent? You can choose from thousands of options available for different items, and make your choice based upon the one that suits you the most.

How can I rent something on your website?

It’s even simpler for renters! Browse through the extensive list of items that you need, choose the ones that perfectly fit your needs and desires, fix a meeting with the owner of the item, and rent it! There is no intermediate fee or rental charge that is charged by us. We provide completely free service to our renters here.

What if I am unable to find what I’m looking for, on your website?

Well, no need to worry in this case either. Just fill out the details in the ‘wish-list’ form given on our website, mentioning the details about the item or service that you wish to rent, and we will publish your request on our website, so that if anyone wishes to rent out that specific item, s/he can contact us and hence solve your issue!

Is there any fee to post ads on just4rent?

No. Just4Rent is totally free platform to post ads and to rent products and services. There is neither any fee for any ad, nor any limit to the number of ads you can post. You can add as many products and services as you wish to, provided they are genuine and authentic!

Do I need to make payment ‘before’ acquiring the item?

Well, you don’t! You should make the payment only once you’ve seen the item, met the owner and verified that everything that you are getting is in perfectly fine condition.

Is there a contract or minimum period of renting?

No! Our website is classified, and it acts as an intermediate between owners and renters, so the minimum period of renting an item is decided by the user and not the website. You can discuss all this in your personal meeting with the owner.

Where do you guys operate?

We are based in Ahmedabad and you can contact us on the e-mail ID or phone numbers mentioned on our website.

Is this service available all over India or only the place you guys operate?

Yes, our service is available all over the country and we’re not region-bounded. Anyone can put up their items for renting, and anyone can rent items or services from our website, irrespective of their state or city!

Can I adjust the rent of my item myself or you have specific website policies for each item’s rent?

Well, the owner of the item can put up a rent he desires that he should receive, but it should be genuine. The owner should keep in mind that exorbitantly high rent will ward off the renters and they will look for similar item priced at low rent instead, so keep your rent nominal.

Where should I meet the owner and get the item I desire?

Just4Rent provides contact details of the owner along with the product so that the renter can contact the owner, decide a safe meeting place, and exchange the item and money. But before you make the transactions, always remember the few precautions –

  • Never share your credit/debit card details with the other person, even if he asks for it.
  • Never rent item ‘without’ checking it thoroughly, as just4rent isn’t responsible if the item comes out to be defective.
  • Always choose a safe place to meet up!
  • Make sure that the owner is a verified user at our website, so that you can trust him with the item and money.
  • If the item is some electronic product, always try it, see if it works properly, ‘before’ you rent it!
  • If there are already some wear and tears in the item, point it out to the ‘owner’ before renting it so that he cannot accuse you of breaking/wearing it out, after you return it!

I have been cheated and I’m a victim of fraud, what should I do?

Just4Rent like many others, is just an online platform. We do make sure that only verified items and users can make the deals, but we cannot guarantee a 100% integrity in every transaction. If you have been cheated or you weren’t rented out the item you desired or you didn’t get the rent of the item, please feel free to notify us so that we can make other users aware of it! Also, don’t hesitate to take the help of your local Police!

I have a question, but I can’t find it answered in the above listed FAQs.

Don’t worry – just contact us any time you wish to, and we will be glad to help! You can write email to us, or contact us on phone. Our customer-service numbers are given on the website page – www.just4rent.in/contact-us

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